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You might remember a few weeks ago my latest book, The Undead Mr. Tenpenny had traveled the seas (and the Internet infrastructure) all the way to Norway where Mr. Tenpenny was hanging out with some rather odd fellows.

Well, Mr. Tenpenny has been traveling again. This time he went half way around the world to Australia. And not just electronically…he journeyed there as a fully-fledged paperback novel!

(By the way, if you haven’t met Mr. T yet, keep scrolling to learn all about him)

Big Virtual Koala Hugs are in order!!

First up, many thanks go to Anne Lawson for asking how exactly to order the paperback in a way that would allow her to support her local bookstore as opposed to the monster named after a certain South American river.

Anne is an Australian artist who makes all kinds of intriguing goodies. Most recently she’s fallen in love with the challenge of creating paper collages to represent the rock pools in her homeland. Check it out…

Anne’s latest Instagram postings : )

If you want to see more of Anne’s work, be sure to find her on Instagram, or follow her blog to get a glimpse inside her world.

A second round of thanks goes to Benn Books who processed the order and got Mr. Tenpenny into Anne’s eager hands!

How to be Like Anne

I can’t make you a talented artist, but if, like Anne, you’re interested in supporting your local bookshop and want to show Mr. Tenpenny your corner of the world, here’s all you need to do…

  1. Go to, call, or email your favorite local bookshop
  2. Ask for The Undead Mr. Tenpenny by Tammie Painter
  3. Provide them this ISBN (to make double sure they get the right title): 978 138 697 7674
  4. Place your order and pay.
  5. Wait for your book to show up!

Seriously it’s that easy.

And when you do get your copy, be sure to show it off by taking a picture and sending that pic my way by email or by tagging me on social media (links below).

Other Paperback Options (and Ebooks Too!)

You can also find the book on several larger online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Target.* But if you want to go local, follow the steps above.

*Note: When you view the non-Amazon paperback online, the color looks very weird. Your book will not be this weird color. It will have the full, rich red color you see in the images above and below. I’m working with the publisher on this, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Of course you can also find the paperback on Amazon, and you can always find the ebook on oodles of online retailers.

Where do you usually get your books? Share your favorite stores in a comment below!!


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Meet The Undead Mr. Tenpenny

Work at a funeral home can be mundane. Until you accidentally start bringing the dead back to life.

Cassie Black works at a funeral home. She’s used to all manner of dead bodies. What she’s not used to is them waking up. Which they seem to be doing on a disturbingly regular basis lately.

Just when Cassie believes she has the problem under control, the recently-deceased Busby Tenpenny insists he’s been murdered and claims Cassie might be responsible thanks to a wicked brand of magic she’s been exposed to. The only way for Cassie to get her life back to normal is to tame her magic and uncover Mr. Tenpenny’s true killer.

Simple right? Of course not. Because while Cassie works on getting her newly-acquired magic sorted, she’s blowing up kitchens, angering an entire magical community, and discovering her past is more closely tied to Busby Tenpenny than she could have ever imagined.

If you like contemporary fantasy with snarky humor, unforgettable characters, and paranormal mystery, you’ll find it hard to pry yourself away from this first book of the Cassie Black Trilogy.

  • Selected as one of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books of 2021
  • Winner of the Novel Excerpt Prize from the League of American PEN Women
  • Finalist in the Yeah You Write! Novel Contest

What readers are saying…

The Undead Mr. Tenpenny is a clever, hilarious romp through a new magical universe that can be accessed through the closet of a hole-in-the-wall apartment in Portland, Oregon. —Sarah Angleton, author of Gentleman of Misfortune

Man oh man, did I love this book! …The plot was great, and got even better as things progressed…. I think the biggest pro of this book is the characters. —Jonathon Pongratz, author of Reaper: Aftermath

…suffused with dark humor and witty dialogue, of the sort that Painter excels at…a fun read for anyone who enjoys fast-paced, somewhat snarky, somewhat twisted, fantasy adventures. —Berthold Gambrel, author of Vespasian Moon’s Fabulous Autumn Carnival

I was unable to put this down when I started reading it. The author combines humour with a fast paced murder mystery all packed into a funeral home. —Amazon Reviewer

It’s a bit “Pushing Daisies” meets Hogwarts, which makes the novel a fun and entertaining read. Great wit too.  —Carrie Rubin, author of The Bone Curse

When I saw the book title…my first thought was, “another zombie apocalypse”. A wonderful surprise greeted me with an entertaining story that was written with humor, a great story line and new twist on the undead. —J. Tate, Eugene Reviewer

Wow and wow again! I absolutely loved this book! You get such a feel for the characters and the story is so fast paced you don’t want to put it down. —Goodreads Reviewer

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    1. I’m not sure how long it actually took from the time you ordered it to the time you got it, but it does seem like it managed to get to you rather quickly (I was expecting a far longer wait). I really do appreciate you getting a copy…and being the guinea pig for my new print publisher. : )

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