Dia dhuit Bloglandia!

As you can tell from that Irish hello (I couldn’t find the Irish word for Bloglandia, but I’m sure it involves an unfathomable combination of consonants), I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the blog.

And most of that celebrating involves sharing a few things with you to check out, because really, there’s green beer to drink and potatoes to eat, so I want to get in and out of here quickly today.

Before we start…I’m taking questions!!

If you’ve ever wondered anything about my writing, my stories, my characters, or just any random quandary, go ahead and ask! I’m taking questions, saving up a few good ones, and will be answering them in a video during my next writing update. Look at me trying to interact!!

Please, keep your questions PG-rated, though…I don’t want to interact that much.

Okay, let’s start celebrating…

Getting Lucky in Ireland (not what you think…)

Over on The Book Owl Podcast last week, I chatted to my listeners (all two of them) about what has to be the luckiest book in all of Ireland. And the most famous one. That’s right, it’s the Book of Kells.

This thing escaped a Viking invasion, managed to not get lost at sea, and survived being stolen and left buried in the mud. If that’s not a case of getting luck in Ireland, I don’t know what is.

It’s a great episode (if I do say so myself) and includes a funny story about banning cows. So if you have about 20 minutes, pop on over to The Book Owl Podcast and give it listen (you can also listen to the show on your favorite podcast app).

Thirty-One Days of Ireland

This has become one of those what-was-I-thinking tasks, but it’s also been a fun chore. See, I’ve been sorely missing traveling and I thought a month of sharing my photos from my trips to Ireland over the course of March (aka “All Things Irish Month”) would help alleviate some of my woes.

Nope, it’s only made me pine more for travel.

But it’s been a great way to look back at a couple great European vacations. So, if you want to see some gorgeous Irish scenery, some tasty Irish breakfasts, and a drunken Irish monster, then be sure to pop on over to Instagram to take in the sights with me.

I don’t think you need to have an account to view the pictures, but if you are on Instagram, I’d love to have you as a new follower.

Here’s a few peeks of where 31 Days has gone so far…

What about you? Ever been to Ireland? If so, where was your favorite stop? Where are you itching to travel to? Go ahead and share your thoughts below!! And don’t forget to post your questions!!

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day…I hope it’s a lucky one for you!


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