Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia!

It seems like half the world is getting blasted by freezing temps and heavy snowfall right now. Which means…snowmen!! But after you’re done playing in the snow, you’ll want to come inside to cuddle up with a warm cuppa and a good book.

I can’t provide the hot beverage, but I can provide plenty of good books with some February Book Bundles.

The first two bundles contain a mix of freebies, discounts, and full price tomes, while the third collection is all about the freebies (although you do have to sign up to the author’s newsletter to get said freebie).

A Quick Favor….

These promos are put together by indie authors like yours truly. They are an amazing and affordable way for us to get all kinds of new eyeballs on our books.

But…(you knew there was a but, right?)…the only way I’ll continue to be asked to join in these opportunities is if I convince readers (that’s you) to take a gander at what’s on offer.

So please, take a moment to browse each collection. You never know…you may just find your next favorite writer, series, or world!

Okay, Here’s the Bundles…

Just click on the images to discover some fabulous new treasures!

This one’s for the contemporary/urban fantasy fans (note: this one says it’s for Barnes & Noble, but the books are also available on other retailers)….

Historical fantasy more your thing? Here you go…

And for all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi, head here….


Available Now for Pre-Order

The Undead Mr. Tenpenny

If you’d like a 14-chapter sample, you can grab that HERE.

Or click the image below if you’re ready to pre-order.

When I saw the book title…my first thought was, “another zombie apocalypse”. A wonderful surprise greeted me with an entertaining story that was written with humor, a great story line and new twist on the undead.

—J. Tate, Eugene Reviewer


5 thoughts on “February’s Fantastic Fiction Freebies

    1. What? MY book didn’t supersede your personal crisis? Sigh…

      Kidding, and I’ll forgive you….this time.

      As for the pre-order…thanks! However, there will be a paperback if that’s what you want.

      The problem is that, for some silly reason, Amazon doesn’t allow me to create pre-orders for paperbacks. So, If you want the paperback instead, you can cancel the ebook pre-order anytime before the release day….which is when the paperbacks will be ready (actually, maybe before then since I’m sending the approval notice in today).

      Thanks again!

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