Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia,

With the upcoming release of the second box set for my Osteria Chronicles series, I went a bit nuts this month joining in on a few author collaborations. Oops.

So, rather than overwhelm you with amazing deals, I’m going to spread out the book love over two or three posts.

Alright, let’s get to the first couple collaboration bundles…

Bundle #1

This first bundle was put together by author Jay A. Toney and features (as you can see in the graphic), over 80 sci-fi and fantasy books…all of which should be priced under $5. For those of you who resolved to tame your book budget this year, this is the promo for you!

Among the deals you’ll find my short stories Testing the Waters (99c), Space Walk (99c), my historical fantasy novel DomnaThe Complete Set (January special $4.99), and the first box set of The Osteria Chronicles (Books 1 – 3) which is on sale all month for a mere 99c!!

Click me to browse Bundle #1

Bundle #2

This collection of over fifty books was cobbled together by the book fiends over at Readsy Deals. There was no price cap for this promo, but I’d bet most titles can be grabbed at a fairly decent discount.

Again, in this bundle you’ll find Domna: The Complete Set for $4.99 and The Osteria Chronicles Box Set (Books 1 – 3) for the irresistible price of 99c.

Click me to browse Bundle #2

A Note About These Bundles…

These promos are put together by indie authors like me. They are a key part in being able to share my stories with the world in an affordable manner.

However, to continue to participate in these collaborations, I have to maintain a good reputation…which basically means, I need folks like YOU to wander over and have a gander at the books on offer.

You don’t need to buy a thing, simply browsing the deals is a HUGE help, both for me and for all the authors trying to keep the world entertained with our words.

Thank you so much for supporting indie authors!!!


About that 99c January Special!

To celebrate the release of the second box set of The Osteria Chronicles, you can now get the first box set for 99c at most major retailers. This set includes The Trials of Hercules, The Voyage of Heroes, and The Maze of Minos (plus exclusive bonus content)

The second box set comes out 12 January, but if you’re impatient, you can get it right now from my Payhip Bookstore. Even better? If you purchase this first box set (books 1 – 3) directly from me, you’ll automatically receive 15% off the second box set (books 4 – 6).

The second box set contains The Bonds of Osteria, The Battle of Ares, and The Return of Odysseus...plus loads of exclusive bonus content.

If you crave the mythological adventure in movies like Clash of the Titans and 300, or books from Madeline Miller and David Gemmell, you’re bound to love these box sets!!


Tell me all about it....

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