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Hoorah, after a mopey week, a happy post appeared in my WordPress Reader. That’s right, it’s another amazing review for one of my stories over on the Jaunts & Haunts blog. Many thanks to Jonny for reading this silly little tale and for trying it after hearing about it on The Book Owl Podcast!

Here’s the five-star review…and if it makes you want to get your own copy, it’s only 99c over on my Payhip Bookstore.

I gave this short story five stars!

This was the perfect light read for my day. Roy is a questionable businessman running a drive-thru funeral home. He’s used to the pranks from the nearby college involving cadavers, but when he finds a person smooshed up against his drive-thru window begging to be let in, his world is forever changed.

Despite his shortcomings, I really liked the character of Roy. He’s flawed, selfish and willing to do

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Short Story Review: The Drive-Thru Window — Jaunts & Haunts

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