Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia!

I think we can all agree what with election mayhem, wildfires, a pandemic, and racial tension it’s been a tough year. But hoorah, we’re nearing the finish line of 2020!! Which means you deserve a treat for making it this far.

Below you’ll find dozens of terrific (and very affordable) tomes to treat yourself throughout December, as well as discovering some fantastic fiction to cosy up with in a comfy reading chair for the next few weeks.

Unlike my usual promos that tend to lean toward fantasy and sci-fi, the bundles below feature a wide range of genres, so there’s sure to be something that appeals to your book loving heart.

A Quick Reminder About These Bundles

These promotions are all run by indie authors via BookFunnel. They’re by far one of the best ways to get out the word about my books without breaking my tiny marketing bank.

However, to participate in these group promos, I have to maintain a good BookFunnel reputation…and you can help with that.

Every time you come back to this post and explore what’s on offer in these bundles, you help boost my reputation. It costs you nothing to browse the bundles below, but provides a big boost that allows me to continue to promote my work in a beneficial and affordable way.

Thank you for your support!!!

December’s Book Treats

You’ll find at least one of my books or stories in each of these bundles…often at a pretty decent discount. This first one contains several of my short stories.

Amongst loads of other goodies, this box set bundle contains both The Osteria Chronicles Box Set (Books 1 – 3) for only $3.99 and Domna: The Complete Set for a mere $4.99

This one ends on the 15th, so be sure to check it out before it goes away. It also features Domna: The Complete Set for $4.99