Happy Thanksgiving to my Readers in the U.S.!!!

Some of you may have already gotten this post, but for anyone who missed it, here’s a food-inspired podcast episode full of rotting meat and imaginary friends to keep your entertained as you cook up today’s meal…or while you’re digesting that meal.

Oh, and please don’t tell the Book Owl about all those turkeys…it might not go over well.


17. Cooking Up Something Good — The Book Owl Podcast

Because Thanksgiving is THE holiday where food takes center stage, I bet there’s more than a few of you out there reaching for a cookbook this week.

Which is why The Book Owl went into research mode to discover the history of cookbooks. From rotting meat to imaginary friends, it’s a recipe for concocting a great episode.

And, there’s even a special guest who tried to take over the show.

Catch the episode wherever you listen to podcasts or by heading over to the Episode’s Post HERE

2 thoughts on “17. Cooking Up Something Good — The Book Owl Podcast

  1. This was a wonderful podcast! I had thoughts on it at the time I listened that I was going to post in this post’s comments but time got away from me. But I so loved learning about the history of cookbooks. You are doing an excellent job at your podcast. I’ve been listening to podcasts like forever (starting with Ira Glass and This American Life) and yours is excellent!

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    1. As, thanks Tierney! I know I had a lot of sound issues at first. Hopefully the worst of them are solved, so thanks for sticking with me. I sometimes dread the research but it always ends up being interesting.

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