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So, I’m grudgingly having to accept that we are knee-deep in autumn here in Portland. Anyone who’s been with me for a while knows my distaste for the icky season between summer and winter.

Besides the mucky leaves making the sidewalks treacherous, the darkening days, and the disgusting scent of pumpkin spice everything, I have to watch my poor little garden dying back for the year.

Which is why I was thrilled to see a few tough plants are fighting the good fight, mounting the weather resistance, and holding onto their blooms even amongst the gloom.

For example, we look at this summer stalwart…a dwarf coneflower. Sure she’s small and she’s showing some tatters from her battles, but she is providing a bright spot in a tough time.

–Wait, wait, what about me? I’m still full of color.Take a picture, take a picture!!

–Okay, Finn. Silly me for thinking I could pull out a camera without you showing up. 

–I know, it’s like I have a sixth sense.

–Well, it’s pretty cold out, so I’m only planning to snap a quick couple of pictures and get back inside. It might not be worthwhile calling in hair and makeup to get ready for a full photoshoot.

–(heavy dejected sigh) Oh, okay, I’ll just go then.

Okay, so back to the plants. This calibrachoa stopped blooming some time in September, but seems to want to have one last hoorah before…


–(in fake deep voice) Finn who? I’m a calibrachoa seed pod.

–One, I don’t think it has seeds that big. And two, I doubt they talk. But since you’re here, let’s go see what else is still blooming.

–What about my makeup?

–The natural look is trending, so you’re fine. Hey look, these violas have color-coordinated with you.

–I really am a trendsetter! But ooh, I also like the color contrast thing these violas have going on. Where’d these come from?

–The garden center had an entire tray of violas on super duper markdown in September. They looked pretty sad at the time, but looks like they’re making a good show now.

–Speaking of a good show, look at the Japanese maple!! Better yet…look at me in the Japanese maple!!

–Okay, well it’s not exactly a summer hold out and is a bit too “autumn” for me, but you do look pretty good in the branches.

–Nice! What else? What else?

–Well, there’s the fuchsia, but I’m not sure how we’ll manage to get a good photo of that since the flowers hang downward.

–How about this?

–Kind of hard to see the flower. Finn, no, not like that!

–Whoa! These branches aren’t very stable!! Help!

–Finn, maybe if you just didn’t help…oh good lord, you just had to pull a photobomb, didn’t you?

-But of course! Wait, I’ve finally figured out the best way to view this one. Want me to take a picture?

–Is it going to be a selfie like you’ve done every other time I’ve given you the camera?

–Um, maybe.

–Thanks but no thanks. I think it’s time to get inside, anyway. My fingers are frozen and I hear some cookies calling our names…Finn? Finn?

Oh good, looks like the siren call of baked goods has lured him away. Which means I have a chance to get a snap of one last summer holdout…my passionflower vine…

What’s still blooming in your garden? Do you love fall or hate it? If you’re in the southern hemisphere, what are you planting in the spring garden? Share away in the comments below!!

And if you’ve never met Finn before, please visit his Who is Finn McSpool? page…if you dare.

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10 thoughts on “Finn Frolics in the Floral Finale

    1. Oh wow! I’m jealous. I’ve brought my basil in the house to see how long I can keep the leaves coming. I think my lavender stopped blooming in September :(( The way my house is situated means that once the sun gets low in the sky, the garden receives almost no sun, so things stop blooming pretty abruptly.

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  1. You must have been delighted to see these little treasures still doing their thing. Perhaps Finn has been secretly tending to them! My garden is looking pretty at the moment, which is not an adjective I usually use about it. Not much planning on my part. It just happens that salvias flower well here, the roses are in bloom and my volunteer delphinium is going gang-busters, and they are all in the same patch. It’s a pretty combination.

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    1. No, I think I can guarantee that Finn is making zero effort in the garden! Your unplanned garden sounds lovely. I love seeing things pop up that I forgot about. One of my salvias and my anise hyssop are still (barely) blooming which is making the hummingbirds happy. And makes me happy because I get to watch them zipping around…the hummingbirds, not the salvias 😆


      1. They’re territorial little things, that’s for sure. They don’t mind swooping down and hovering right in your face to check out what you’re up to. Are there hummingbirds in Australia?

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