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It’s International Podcast Day!! I’ve become a huge podcast junkie over the past couple years (I’ve listed a few of my favorite shows below), and as many of you know, that addiction led me to start my own podcast this spring (I had planned on a launch in January, but best laid plans and all that).

But if you don’t know, that podcast is The Book Owl Podcast where I yammer on for about 15 minutes every couple weeks about quirky books, literary lore, intriguing bookstores, wonderful book museums, and more.

Starting out, I was painfully nervous and had NO clue how to edit my audio files, so the first three or four episodes are a bit rough, but then I got the hang of things, got more comfortable with the mic, and now (while it’s still a lot of work), I’m having loads of fun with the show.

If you haven’t already, I’d be super grateful if you gave the show a listen. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts, on YouTube, or you can listen right here in the Wonderland of WordPress at The Book Owl Podcast website.

I’ve got a few of my favorite episodes below, but if you don’t want to miss an episode AND if you want your very own (and very free) Book Owl Coloring Pages, be sure to join the flock and sign up for The Book Owl Podcast Newsletter.

Have a great International Podcast Day!!

Do you listen to podcasts? Tell me about your favorites!!

Book Owl Podcast Episodes to Try…

(Note: These links take you to the episodes’ “listening” page on TheBookOwlPodcast.com. On that page you’ll also find a link to the blog post associated with each episode which includes a peek behind the scenes, episode images, and a full transcript.)

My Favorite Podcasts…

  • American Innovations (mainly because I can’t get enough of Steven Johnson)
  • Noble Blood (the dark side of history!)
  • You’re Dead to Me (the funny side of history)
  • The Duolingo French Podcast (great stories and good for practicing my French listening skills)
  • Short Wave (quick science news presented in a fun manner)
  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (because if you don’t laugh at the news, you’ll start crying)
  • Six-Figure Author Podcast (the interview episodes aren’t always the best, but the episodes where they take reader questions deal out some stellar and encouraging advice)
  • The Kobo Writing Life Podcast (audio on this can be a bit iffy, but the advice is good)
  • Freakonomics (I can’t believe I actually find a show about economics interesting, but this really does lend new perspectives on the world)
  • The Indie Author Mindset (Adam Croft’s quick writing/self-publishing news along with glimpses into the mindset it takes to be a writer)



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