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In case you missed it earlier this week, this week on The Book Owl Podcast I celebrated my 10th episode with a quiz to find out just how big of a book nerd you really are, and I dared to anger book lovers by revealing which movies might just be better than the movies they were based on.

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Hello Book Nerds!

We’re having some anniversary fun this time with a quick quiz to test how big of a book nerd you really are, and a top ten list that might be utter blasphemy to die hard book nerds…Ten Movies That Are Better Than the Books They Were Based On.

Plus…I’ve got a special announcement!

Behind the Scenes

There’s not much behind-the-scenes news for my tenth episode. I’ll explain this more in the episode, but reaching ten epodes is a fairly proud moment in the podcasting world.

After reaching this little milestone, I knew I wanted to have some fun and I figured it should involve some sort of top ten list.

Well, I did indeed have fun and I came up with not one, but TWO top ten lists. The first is a series of silly questions to determine how big of a book nerd you really are (and my answers).

Then I spread a little book nerd blasphemy by delving into Book Riot’s list of movies that are (supposedly) better than the books they were based on. Do I agree with Book Riot’s choices? Find out in this fun-filled, sometimes-emotionally-charged episode!!

One note: There were a lot of great responses to Episode 9!! I promised to share a few of those responses, but since I recorded Episode 10 before I released Episode 9, I won’t get around to sharing them until Episode 11.


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The (Rough) Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Tammie Painter and you’re listening to the Book Owl Podcast, the podcast where I entertain your inner book nerd with tales of quirky books and literary lore.

And guess, what? We’ve made it to episode 10! I’m probably more excited about this than you because when I was learning about podcasting, the stats said most shows give up before they even reach ten episodes. So hey, I’ve beaten the odds.

Anyway, in this episode we’re just going to have a little fun with embracing our inner book nerd with a little personality quiz and a top ten list…… 

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  1. #3: That’s why I have a Kindle now. (For me, it’s usually “brought along” rather than “bought.”)
    #10: Yep! So much nuance gets lost in movies, and the changes are often annoying. I know there have been a few movies which have been better…

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    1. Oh, believe me, I arrive stocked up on ebooks, but after picking up souvenir books at museum shops and hitting a few bookstores, all bets are off for getting that suitcase to pass the weight allowance 😆

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