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Just in case you missed it, this week over on The Book Owl Podcast I took a little drive down memory lane as I explored the story behind the bookmobile. It was an enjoyable little ride, so much so that I didn’t want to get off, so I also shared some wonderful stories about how people from Colombia to Italy are making sure books get into the hands of hungry book worms.

It was a fun episode to research and record, and I just know that if you love books and libraries, you’re going to love listening to this one!


Repost from The Book Owl Podcast…

The Story of the Bookmobile: From Perambulators to Pack Animals

Hello Book Nerds!

It’s Episode 9 and while sweet tooths may think the ice cream truck is the best vehicle ever invented, we book nerds know they’re wrong because the Bookmobile can’t be beat.

In this episode we journey from the first traveling libraries all the way to clever ways people today are ensuring everyone gets a chance to fall in love with books.

Behind the Scenes

As mentioned in the episode, I’ve been a book nerd ever since I was a little kid and I LOVED it when the Bookmobile would pull up to my school.

Continue reading, see images from the episode, and get all the listening links you could ever want by heading to: The Story of the Bookmobile: From Perambulators to Pack Animals


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7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: It’s the Story of the Bookmobile!

  1. Ok, I really enjoyed the episode but since I listened I’ve been tormented by curiosity about which one novel was deemed worthy of being included in the American Library School set of books! 😂


    1. Yay!! Glad you liked it. I think the book was The Swiss Family Robinson, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but they don’t consult me on these things… :)) Thanks for listening!!!


  2. Oh I never miss The Book Owl Podcast! I subscribe! This was another wonderful episode and I remember the Bookmobile! You are my fellow book nerd/geek 🙂


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