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It appears i’m all about thievery on the blog lately. First I stole WWW Wednesdays from Jaunts & Haunts (who, in my defense, stole it from someone else). And now, from TierneyCreates, I’m stealing the idea of posting about my stack of goodies from the library.

Still, I don’t think any book lovers out there will complain too much about my life of crime.

Alright, let’s get stacking!

First up, I should mention, my local library and most libraries in the Portland area are still closed. However, they are back to fulfilling holds, so this library stack took plenty of patience waiting for all my new friends to come in.

Here’s Ye Olde Booke Stackke (with fellow book nerd, Finn McSpool)…

How about a closer look at what’s in that pile of tomes.

Travel books!

With the absolute clusterf*ck of the US handling of the coronavirus, it’s going to be a long, long, LONG time before Mr. Husband, Finn, and I are going to be able to travel beyond the borders (I mean even the Canadians don’t want us…can’t blame them).

But I can dream…and who knows, maybe if I study these closely enough I’ll have a trip all planned so we can be ready to go when (if) the restrictions lift.

A Book About Books!

A big shout out to Book Club Mom who did a little video blog about Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany.

This is an amazingly addictive book all about books, bookstores, and libraries. It’s described as a love letter to all things bookish. Every page is illustrated by Jane Mount’s terrific watercolors and I can’t stop flipping through it.

(Hint: If you watch Book Club Mom’s video, you can see some of the interior pages.)


Yep. I don’t mention it much, but I do whip out the sewing machine now and then. And every now and then, I enjoy a peek at tips and tricks…although I often just end up looking at the pictures and learning nothing new.

In addition to its 200 Sewing Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets, this one also has a few projects…including the very same pillow I made way (WAY!) back in 7th grade Home Ec.

Since I’m absolutely sick of sewing face masks, I thought I’d harken back to my middle school days, and voila! Fabric that was destined for face masking is now ready for snoozing.

Adventures with Asterix & Obelix

Since last fall’s journey to France, I’ve become completely bonkers for the Asterix & Obelix books.

I had been treating myself each month to one or two of the books in the original French, but sadly, when one of the creators (Albert Uderzo) died in March, eBay sellers immediately jacked up the books’ prices, making them too pricey for a silly treat.

But, library to the rescue!! They don’t have many of the books in French (although, as you can see, I managed to find one), but I suppose the English language versions are better than nothing.

That’s the end of the stack, everyone. Now to you. Are your libraries open? Can you put books on hold? If not, how have you been getting your book fix lately?

Have a great rest of the day and I will type at you later! 


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7 thoughts on “It’s a Library Stack!

    1. Ugh, that sucks. Hope you can get there next year – maybe we’ll bump into each other :)). We were supposed to go to Hawaii in April…so much for that. And I haven’t gotten around to commenting on your post yet, but CONGRATS to your daughter on her first publication!!!

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  1. Hahaha! Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets stacks of craft books out of the library and then just looks at the pictures! My local library is open for call-and-collect now, but unfortunately the inter-branch orders which fuel my own library stacks are still unavailable for the moment. Hopefully they’ll be back soon, before my “to-read” list gets any longer 😆
    Happy reading!

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    1. I’m pretty sure half of craft books could get away with replacing their text with that Latin mishmash filler text and no one would notice 😆 Hopefully your libraries will start playing nice with each other again soon.


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