Hello Bloglandia!

So with my recent bit of whining about the writing life, my bounce back with plans for the future, and my cobbling together a rebranding plan, I completely forgot to mention all the great deals I’ve got going on this month.

Silly me…see, this is why I suck at marketing.

Okay, to start the deal parade, let’s bring in the boxes. Or rather the box sets.

All of Domna, Half the Price!

The first bargain is on Domna: The Complete Series. This collection includes all six books of the serialized historical fantasy novel (plus bonus features) that’s full of page-turning intrigue.

And this month you can find it on my Payhip Bookstore and most online retailers for $2.99…that’s half off the regular price and quite a deal if I do say so myself.

domna, paperback, complete


Grab a Trio of Adventures for Less Than $4

Close on the heels of that bargain is The Osteria Chronicles Box Set: Books 1 – 3. In these first three books of my six-part historical fantasy series you’ll see the gods, heroes, and myths of Ancient Greece come to life as you’ve never seen them before.

And you’ll get to jump into that action-packed adventure for only $3.99, which is about 40% off the normal price for this set. You can get that deal at my Payhip Bookstore and at the usual gang of retailers (most of them, anyway).

Okay, I know you’re swooning from all this great news, but get out your smelling salts, because I’m not done yet.

Smashing Good Book Bargains!

Next up in our bargain brouhaha is the Smashwords Summer Sale (or Winter Sale if you’re on the other side of the globe). I’ve enrolled most of my books in the promotion, which means you can get nearly all my titles for either 25, 50, even 75% off.

If you want to check out which books are on sale, just head to my Smashwords page and scroll down a bit until you find the list of my books and their current prices.

Book Bargain Groupies!

Of course, every month I gleefully jump into a handful of group promos where you’ll not only find fabulous deals on my own work, but also plenty of other authors.

One of these is Dean Wilson’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Bonanza where you’ll find a nice selection free books that will take you to exciting new worlds.

And, you may have seen my trio of July Book Funnel promos lurking in the sidebar of my blog, but just in case you missed them, here they are.

I’ve got a book or two in each, but I highly encourage a bit of browsing because there’s some terrific titles amongst the bunch!

Sale #1 Don’t be afraid of the dark…humor, that is.

A small collection of tales for those of you with wicked senses of humor!

Sale #2 Invites you to try something new.

From thrillers to romance, ebooks to audiobooks, over 100 books are making their debut this month. Check out what’s new and exciting for July! 

Sale #3 Wants to keep you boxed in…and that’s a good thing

Don’t stop reading after Book One of a series. Keep binging through with some terrific deals on boxsets of mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, romance, and more.

Phew! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted after that whopper of a bargain parade! I hope you’ll find something you enjoy and if you know someone looking for book deals, please be sure to share this with them.

Have a great week and happy reading!!!