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In case you missed it in your WordPress Reader, Episode 7 of The Book Owl Podcast hit the air waves…or rather the pod waves yesterday. Although Episode 6, in which I took listeners to the moon with some Fake News, is my favorite episode so far, this one is a close second.

If you have about 18 minutes, I’d love if you clicked the link below and gave the episode a listen (and I’d REALLY love it if you subscribed to the podcast).

Happy listening!!!

Hello Book Nerds! It’s Episode 7 and this time I’m taking you on a wander through the stacks of the world’s largest library…and quite possibly the deepest one.

So grab your library cards and your book bag and your passports if you’re outside the UK because it’s time to head to the British Library. Behind […]

via The British Library Birthday Bash — The Book Owl Podcast

7 thoughts on “The British Library Birthday Bash — The Book Owl Podcast

      1. I just listened to it while playing with the cat (which is usually the only time I do podcasts) and loved it! I love libraries so much, and this one sounds so special and interesting.


      2. I hope the cat liked it too :)) It is a pretty amazing place. I don’t think many tourists know about the Ritblat Gallery so it wasn’t too crowded when I went.


      3. Haha, well he didnt flip out to I guess that means he accepted it? Lol no clue.

        I think I would definitely get lost if I went. 8 subfloors, I cant even imagine how the librarians do it.

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