Hello Bloglandia!

First up, no, that WWW does NOT refer to a certain wrestling organization.

Second, I had a longer post full of visions of the future planned for today, but since I’m wrestling with a pile of writing and podcasting chores as well as the current MailerLite nightmare, I don’t have time to get that post together just yet (soon though, very soon).

Instead, I’ve decided the only solution is to become a thief. Or at least a blog idea thief.

I discovered the idea for WWW Wednesday this morning over on the Jaunts & Haunts blog (where you can read an interview with me or check out his latest review of one of my short stories). And it appears I’m not the only thief in the blogosphere because he “borrowed” the idea from Taking On A World of Words.

What you do is answer three questions that any book nerd should be able to rattle off without hesitation…

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

And don’t worry, I’m not going to be arrested for this bit of thievery. Anyone can join in and I’d love to see your answers, so if you participate be sure to add a link to your post in the comments, or just share your answers within the comments!

Okay…onto the questions…

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently listening to (ear reading) Enemy of All Mankind by Steven Johnson. It’s a fascinating topic (piracy and how it led to corporations), but the narrator is awful, which is making it hard to fully enjoy the book as much as I have Johnson’s other stuff.

As for reading with my eyes, I’ve just started The Immorality Engine by George Mann. This is the third in the Newbury & Hobbes series, a steampunk mystery series which I completely fell in love with earlier this year.

What did you recently finish reading?

The Last Passenger by Charles Finch. I discovered Finch’s work a few years ago and have become an utter junkie for his Lenox Mysteries. I jump at the chance to read them as soon as I can and I’ve read some of them more than once. As with a few of Finch’s more recent installments, this one takes you back to Lenox’s early days of detecting.

Along with the mystery, Finch delivers an uncomfortable history lesson without slogging down the story one bit, and there’s a small romantic side plot that made me adore Lenox even more.

Of course, now I’m left having to wait for the next Lenox book…sigh….

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ve got Betrayal of Trust by J.A. Jance queued up in my audio files. I’ve never read anything by her, but I’m always willing to try something new, so we’ll see how it goes.

As far as books go, I’ve joined some recruits for a new (not launched yet) website that reviews craft and marketing books written for indie authors, so I better get cracking on that. My first book I’ve chosen is Killing it on Kobo by Mark Leslie LeFebvre. I’ve read it before and know it’s a good one, so the review shouldn’t be too tough.

Okay, that’s it for me. Be sure to share your answers in the comments below!!

Speaking of Kobo…

If you get your books on Kobo, this weekend you can get a great deal on The Osteria Chronicles Boxset (Books 1 – 3).

As part of their Independence Day Sale, I’ve dropped the boxset to half price…and not just in the US!

The sale runs 3 to 6 July, so mark your calendars!


8 thoughts on “It’s Time for WWW Wednesday

  1. Currently- The Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny (all 10 books!)

    Immediately prior – I’ve been working on the above tome all year, so the most recent back in January was Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.

    Next – The Sleeping Gods by A.J. George (self-published by a friend of mine)

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    1. That’s an ambitious read!

      I read Trevor Noah’s book when it first came out and loved it. It was the audio version with him reading it, which made it even better.

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  2. Currently: A letter from Paris by Louise Deasey ~ a memoir of her father, a search that is triggered by an email Louise receives from Paris about her father.
    Recently Finish: The dictionary of lost words by Pip Williams ~ a lovely story about a girl growing up in the shed where the Oxford English Dictionary was created; Its broader theme is how words, like history can be quite gender biased.
    Reading next: what ever I pull off the stack that is waiting there for me to read. But first I need to finish “Shell” for Book Club next week.


    1. Hey Anne! I think I just marked A Letter from Paris for my Wish List on my library’s ebook site. The dictionary one sounds intriguing. Hope you finish Shell in time…we wouldn’t want your Book Club shaming you :)) Happy reading!


  3. Hi Tammie – we have different reading tastes, but the same interest in keeping track of everything, including what’s up next! Enjoy your weekend 🙂


    1. Hi Barbara! You do tend to go a bit more in the literary direction than I do, but we have had some overlap in our reading. I made it a goal this year to review each and every book I finish so that’s forced me to keep better track of what I’ve read. Have a great holiday weekend!!

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