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If you’ve been wondering where Finn McSpool has been lately, well, he’s been in the exact same place at me: Stuck at home with no prospects for travel for a very, very long time thanks to the moronic…

[very long rant redacted in exchange for…]

Okay, I won’t get into the ridiculous embarrassment of America’s (mis-)handling of the coronavirus, but let me just say this household is doing everything possible to be socially and medically responsible.

Part of that has included not venturing out beyond the neighborhood. Seriously, the farthest I’ve been from the house since March was to visit my dentist whose office is about 10 miles away. Ooh, exciting!!!

Suffice it to say, we are sick of the house and of our neighborhood, so recently we took a short drive (don’t worry, Finn wasn’t behind the wheel) to a county park only about a half hour from home.

Thankfully, Barton Park was mostly empty of people and full of nature….

…although that nature seems to have a Beastie infestation all of the sudden! No mask can protect you from that, believe me!

We also came across some other wild beasts who were (luckily) busy building a new home in a log hollow.

I should have known better…

The trouble with getting Finn out for a few photos is that it stirs up his inner diva. The moment we got home, he dashed into the garden telling me to grab my camera. Of course, he used the excuse that he just wanted to check on how nature was doing in our own backyard, but we all know the truth.

To start the photo shoot, he tried to recreate his daisy scene from the park by diving into my clump of feverfew…

That plant happens to be right next to my mock orange, which smells amazing. So amazing, that Finn actually ignored the camera (shocking, I know!) and climbed right in to take a good whiff.

After cursing at me for taking a picture of his backside (he’s a little embarrassed about it after not working out much these past months), he hid his love handles behind one of the hydrangea blossoms…

But you can’t keep a monster down long and soon enough he was darting off to the front garden for a spot of color contrast with this gorgeous peach begonia….

While we were out front, we noticed something.

See, I’d just gotten jealous of the productivity of a couple other Beasties’ veggie garden (the harvest is shown off with much hilarity over on the Crawcrafts Beasties blog), when what do I spy? My own itty bitty zucchini!

“It’s not the size that counts,” says Finn, giggling like a schoolboy.

“Finn, this isn’t the place for lewd comments.”

“You’re right! And I know just the thing to avoid offending anyone’s sensibilities.”

Yep, just like a Greek statue being put on display for a prissy Victorian, Finn has covered his bits with a well placed fig leaf. And no, I didn’t bring up that he doesn’t have quite the same physique as those Greek statues.

Of course, at the end of such an active day after months of staying home, a monster can get worn out. Luckily, there was another hydrangea that seemed custom-built for beastie relaxation.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Stay safe, wear your masks, and keep away from other humans. And readers in other parts of the world, please know not every American is an ignorant moron in regards to this virus.



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5 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Embarks on a Mini-Escape

  1. Hahaha! Oh, I can imagine that Finn is just dying to reach out to his public after being quarantined away for so long! And your garden is looking just lovely… I can almost smell the mock orange from here. I just hope you’ll get a chance to harvest that zucchini for yourself before Finn starts taking nibbles from it… 😂
    Also, thanks for the mention! The boys will be so happy to hear that they’ve cracked the American market.


    1. Yes, I suppose it’s a lucky thing that we didn’t encounter any people on our outing otherwise Finn would have been too much to handle! As for the zucchini, don’t worry, I’ll keep Finn distracted with his felt cookie and sandwich. :))


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