Hey Reading Junkies!

Is your Kindle (or other e-reader) hungry? Oh goodie, because I’ve teamed up with hundreds of other indie authors to offer you a trio of book bargains and freebies to fill it up!!

The first two promos are specifically to spread the word about books that are in Kindle Unlimited. But even if you’re not subscribed to KU, all of these books can be purchased on Amazon (and many will be significantly discounted during the promo period).

The third promo focuses on Science Fiction across all the major retailers and each title should be marked down to $4.99 or less.

Have fun with your book hunting and enjoy a wonderful weekend of reading!!


Sale #1 will get your Kindle Ready for Summer Reading

This promo is full of Kindle bargains and freebies in a variety of genres, including thrillers, romance, fantasy, and more!


Sale #2 Features Fantasy for your Kindle

So much fantasy! There’s over 100 titles ready to take you on a fantastic journey into wild new worlds and all are free on Kindle Unlimited!

Sale #3: Step Into Sci Fi

Aliens, space ships, astronauts adventures! And they’re all on sale. There’s dozens of books to choose from and every one of them should be $4.99 or less.