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I don’t want to annoy the followers of my writing blog by constantly going on about my podcast, but I feel this episode is one that should be heard. Especially now, which is why I’m sharing it with you.

So, please give it a listen and maybe ponder its message of where hate leads, of tolerance, and of compassion. And if you like what you’ve heard, please consider sharing it with others.


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Hello Book Nerds,

Seventy-eight years ago, a girl had her 13th birthday. And on that birthday she was given a book. The pages of that book were completely blank until she quickly jotted down a single sentence expressing her hope that the book would be a great support to her.

Her writing career was cut brutally

short two years later.

The girl was Anne Frank. The book in question would become her diary and a record of life trying to be normal under a very abnormal circumstances. And unfortunately, hate and utter cruelty would put an end to that life.

And it’s the story of how her diary turned into a book that would resonate and inspire hope in people across the world that I’m covering in this latest episode of The Book Owl Podcast….

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