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Here’s the deal…I’m revamping a few things with my author “branding” and want to give a new look to the short story I use to lure unsuspecting humans to sign up for my newsletter.

But this make over isn’t just about re-branding. See, I just never liked the old cover. While the story is my own take on the myth of the Stygian Witches and was written as a tie-in to my Osteria books (which are rather serious), the story itself is actually full of macabre mythological humor as the three witches are constantly bickering and scheming over how to get their favorite snack (humans…and especially human eyeballs) to fuel their soothsaying talents.

The old cover does not reflect that humor…

I’ll get into this more in a couple weeks, but if you’ve read any of my short stories (two of which are FREE this week, by the way, details below) you’ll have noticed my writing tends more toward the dark humor side of things and that’s the direction my books will be heading for the foreseeable future.

Which is why I want my newsletter lure to convey something a bit lighter.

Unfortunately, as I tend to do, I went a bit nuts with the cover designing and now I need your help.

What I want from the cover is an indication that the story inside is about magic/witches/fortune telling, that it’s got a bit of humor, and that eyeballs are going to play a key role somewhere in the story.

Here’s what I came up with….

Cover A – Eyeballs with fade

Cover B – Bouncy Eyeballs on Black (see color variation below)

Cover C – Lined up Eyeballs (see color variation below)

Cover D – Crystal Ball (try to look past the Xs watermarked on the image, those will go away)

What do you think? Please use the survey below to pick the one that most readily grabs your eye (sorry, I couldn’t resist), that makes you curious about what’s inside, and that you think coveys what I’ve described above.

Oh, and if you opt for one of the color variations for B & C, just let me know in the comments which color you prefer.

Thanks!! I really appreciate your input!!!


If you want to grab those two free stories I mentioned above, just head HERE or click the image below…the giveaway ends Saturday, so don’t dilly dally!!


Color Variations for Covers B & C

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