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Just popping in to share with you the latest episode of The Book Owl Podcast…I had plenty of fun researching and creating the episode, and if you love books, bookstores, or quirky bits of history I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!

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Riding the Rails to Barter Books — The Book Owl Podcast

Hello Book Nerds!

This time on The Book Owl Podcast we’re going to figure out why there’s a train running through a bookstore. Or is it a bookstore running through a train?

Either way, I’ll introduce you to Barter Books in Alnwick, England, where trains and books collide. Not literally…or at least I hope not.

And if you “Keep Calm,” you’ll also discover why books and trains aren’t the only claim to fame for this fabulous shop that’s been called “The British Library of secondhand bookshops.”

Behind the Scenes

The inspiration for this episode came from watching a PBS special featuring Julie Walters (who played Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter movies). She made all kinds of rail journeys across England and made a special point to take small, historic side lines off the main rail lines…..

Continue the behind the scenes peek, get all the listening links you need, and read the full transcript HERE, or hop right on board the audio by clicking the image below….

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