Ladies…you know that feeling that someone creepy is eyeing you when you’re out for a run, and you try to tell yourself you’re just being paranoid?

Well, that feeling is real….and here’s the proof from my run this morning!

First, I sense him lurking behind some shrubbery…

Then, he gives up hiding and reveals himself. He doesn’t care staring isn’t polite. He just wants to watch me run. Creepy, I tell you. Damn creepy!

Actually this poor guy looks like he could use some cold and allergy medicine.

Hope this made you grin!

Have a great Friday!

More Smiles….

This week saw the launch of the final book in my historical fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles!!!

There’s not many ways to celebrate right now, but if you’re interested, the book’s details (and bargains on the rest of the series) are below. And, if you want to join me on my nostalgic look back at the stumbling blocks I tripped over to get this series written, just head to yesterday’s post HERE.

The war may be over, but the fight for Osteria’s future has just begun.

The Return of Odysseus takes you on a journey of mythic proportions in which allegiances are tested, relationships are challenged, and the true meaning of leadership is called into question.

The Return of Odysseus: Book Six of The Osteria Chronicles can now be found on my Payhip Bookstore and at most major retailers.

Click HERE to take home this emotionally-charged final installment of the Osteria Chronicles today.

The Return of Odysseus is also available in paperback. Simply click the Kindle icon in the link above and select the paperback version instead of the ebook. Or search for B082PKW481 on your local Amazon store.

Need to Catch up on the Series?

All of the books in The Osteria Chronicles can be found on my Payhip Bookstore (

And, as a New Release Bonus, feel free to enter coupon code NEWBOOK15 to take 15% off your entire purchase.

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