Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me.

Okay, my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but since I can’t go out for any birthday fun, I thought the next best thing would be to celebrate with you.

So, grab your slices imaginary birthday cake (since we can’t find flour or eggs on the shelves these days), and let’s get on with the party where the presents are all for you!!

My Birthday Gift to You…Take 60% off My Books!!

For the past month or so I’ve been taking part in Smashwords Authors Give Back program that encourages authors to offer up a discount to make sure people can afford to stay entertained and distracted during their lockdowns/Stay-at-Home orders/quarantines.

During this time I’ve kept my books at 30% off, but as a Super Duper Birthday Special, from now through Monday, I’m changing that discount to 60% off. Woohoo for you!!

If you’ve never heard of Smashwords, have no fear. They’re one of the original companies who provided a way for indie authors to get their books into stores and they’ve been doing an honest and transparent business for over a decade.

So, if you’re still missing a few tomes of mine, now is a great time to celebrate the bargains!

All you have to do is…

  1. Head to my author page on Smashwords.
  2. Scroll down a bit to find my books.
  3. Pick out the ones you want
  4. And enter AGB60 when you checkout (actually, this might be applied automatically, making it even easier to save).


Another Way to Save 60%

Now, while I love Smashwords for all they do, lately they have stopped delivering mobi files, which means they’ve made it tricky for Kindle users to get books onto their devices.

That’s why I’ve also created a 60% off coupon for my Payhip Bookstore where you can get all the files you need for Kindle, Apple, Kobo, or whichever device/app you use.

If you prefer to go that route…

  1. Head to my Payhip Bookstore
  2. Pick out the books you’d like
  3. Enter the coupon code HAPPY60 at checkout
  4. Select your preferred e-reader
  5. Enjoy your books!

Okay everyone, whether you’re celebrating or isolating (or both), have a super and safe weekend!!

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