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It’s that time of the week where I hunt down a quick snapshot to bring a little grin to your locked down faces.

As you know, I’ve been trying to get a photo of the goslings that should be roaming around my neighborhood any day now. But once again, the local goose families aren’t ready for their Glamour Shots. I did come across a duck mom with three babies, but I was too busy shooing them out of the middle of a busy street to take their picture.

Ah well, maybe next week.

What I do have for is not only smile worthy, it REALLY makes me wish engineers had gotten on the ballon developed Smell-o-Vision because my lilacs are in bloom and they have the most amazing scent!!!

So amazing, that the minute I picked a bouquet to bring inside and de-stink the house, a certain monster jumped right in to take a whiff.

Luckily, I did manage to get one shot without him in it (barely).

Anyway, hope this brought a smile to your face. And if you want to get the full sensory experience, go find some lilac-scented soap and have it next to you while you take another look at the photos.

And one more smile…this time for me!

Recently my latest creative endeavor, The Book Owl Podcast, got a big ol’ shout out over on the blog of the Tierney Creates website. Yay!!!

If you want to check out her review or if you just want to see some of the gorgeous quilting creations she makes, you can do so HERE.

And to say thanks, since Tierney has decided my own blog should be dedicated to memes, these are for her…

Have a great weekend everyone!!


More Smiles…This time for book lovers and bargain hunters

If you need something else to smile about, this month, as a way to ring in the upcoming release of the final book in my historical fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles, I’ve dropped the second book in the series (The Voyage of Heroes) to 99c!

But wait, what about the first book? That one (The Trials of Hercules) is FREE!!

So, if you need some entertainment and want to save a few dollars (who doesn’t, right?), just click the titles below, select your preferred retailer, and snag both books for less than a buck.

Happy reading!!!

The Trials of Hercules

The Voyage of Heroes

9 thoughts on “A Friday Smile – Part Five

  1. Lilacs! One of my favourites! How lucky you are to have them at the moment…your house must smell divine.
    It is cold and wet today, so I will spend it with my art, listening to the second episode of your podcast. I did enjoy the first.

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    1. It does smell divine! The blooms I cut yesterday are already droopy but they still smell wonderful so, for now, they’re staying in the vase 😊


  2. Can’t believe I missed Finn among the lilacs until now! He’s almost perfectly camouflaged in there. They look beautiful without him perched between the blossoms too!


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