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Hey Book Nerds, If you love reading as much as I do, you’ve probably pondered just what you’d give to keep the books coming. Now, while selling my immortal soul for the latest bit of fiction might be going too far, back in the day to make a book, printers did need to get in league […]

via Are Bookmakers in League with the Devil? — The Book Owl Podcast

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4 thoughts on “Are Bookmakers in League with the Devil? — Reblog: The Book Owl Podcast

  1. Hey – I like your voice – it’s a good podcast voice (and I listen to many podcasts so I am an expert, ha!). I subscribed on Apple podcasts. I started the first one but I plan to finish it up on my phone while I walk my dog. Hope you get lots of followers and I will give your podcast a shout on in my next blog post Postscript section. Go Tammie!!!!


    1. Squeee!! Thank you :)) I absolutely HATE my voice, so that was a real hurdle to jump over before starting this endeavor. I think the first episode came out better than the second, so I hope you enjoy it. I’m a podcast junkie too, but I’m looking for some new shows to try out….any favorites you can recommend??

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