Hello Bloglandia!

It’s another attempt by yours truly to bring a wee grin to your face. But first, a little about these posts.

I started doing “A Friday Smile” posts mainly to add a bit of happy into this wacky world, but after doing it for a few weeks, I’ve also found it provides a fun challenge.

After all, with parks, trails, and beaches closed, I’m not going anywhere these days except for walks and runs around my neighborhood. It could be mind-numbingly dull to trudge up and down the same streets and hills day after day. Okay, it is, but trying to find some small detail that’s unique, smile-worthy, or just undeniably pretty has added a treasure hunt atmosphere to each outing.

Anyway, enough of philosophizing, it’s time for your Friday Smile…

Meet Mr. Snail….

He likes going on slow walks, prefers a low sodium diet, and is into heavy metal…

This guy appears to be made of scrap metal and I noticed him long ago, but I never really got up close to see the details of his goofy face.

And look, he’s smiling!!

Hope you are too!

What about you? Are you making any smile-worthy discoveries in your neighborhood? 


More Smiles

If you need something else to smile about, this month, as a way to ring in the upcoming release of the final book in my historical fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles, I’ve dropped the second book in the series (The Voyage of Heroes) to 99c!

But wait, what about the first book? That one (The Trials of Hercules) is FREE!!

So, if you need some entertainment and want to save a few dollars (who doesn’t, right?), just click the titles or covers below, select your preferred retailer, and snag both books for less than a buck.

Happy reading!!!

The Trials of Hercules

The Voyage of Heroes

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