A Friday Smile – Part Three

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time for another bit of smile-worthy scenery from my neighborhood.

As an update from last week’s grin-producing efforts, I still haven’t seen another goose family who wants their family photo, but I’m going to keep searching one out.

Instead, I’ve discovered my whole neighborhood has gone overboard with pink blooms. Not just cherry blossoms that are making the sidewalks look like we’ve had a pink snowstorm, but also dogwoods.

Seriously, I feel happier just looking at these show-stopping beauties!

Now, while Portland, Oregon, is known as the City of Roses, my town (Milwaukie, which borders Portland to the south) is called the City of Dogwoods.

Our mayor thinks “City of Dogwoods” is a hokey designation (no idea why). But when you walk down the street this time of year and see all the dogwoods (and believe me, there’s dozens of these things around) in bloom, well, I think the name is something to smile about.

Now, while I may not have been able to find any goslings for you, I did happen across another wild creature….

That’s right, he’s a bit late, but the Easter Bunny has finally come to town!

Have a healthy weekend and be sure to tell me what’s given you a grin this past week!


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