Since last week’s Friday Smile was so popular I thought I’d make it a regular feature during this time when we could all use a few more grins…and a few more views of something other than our own four walls.

After spotting some baby geese several days ago, I went on the hunt for more of them this morning on my walk. I didn’t have any luck finding an adorable goose family willing to pose for a photo, but I did find this other very cute bird….

There’s a lot of sidewalk chalk art going on lately (our unseasonably dry weather here in Portland helps), but this house has gone full-on artistic mode. In addition to this bluebird, there’s a gecko, a field of flowers, and more! It’s a certain mood lifter every time I walk by.

So, what’s brightening your mood this week?

Thanks for stopping by and have a safe weekend!!


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One thought on “A Friday Smile – Part Two

  1. Trimming triangles is the excitement of my weekend. I enjoyed seeing that sidewalk art you shared. We have a lot of it going on now too, very awesome 🙂


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