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Just a quick reblog here to introduce you to the premier episode of my latest creative madness. Not only does the post feature the first installment of my new podcast, but also explains why it’s launching a bit earlier than expected (hint: there’s a virus involved).

Now, I’m going to try not to go on and on about the podcast on this blog, so if you like what you see and hear, please be sure to subscribe to The Book Owl Podcast blog and/or subscribe to the podcast on your favorite listening app.

Alright, type at you later and enjoy the show!!

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We’re being bombarded with news of scary things going on throughout the world, which means I know you’re eager to find out about something else that will kill you. Although reading and books seem like safe pastimes, there is one book out there that will kill you. In this premier episode of The Book Owl Podcast we’ll discover the story behind the woman who wrote this troublesome tome and the danger it still poses today.

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