Hey Book Lovers and Bargain Hunters!

It’s not often I’m cool enough to create a melange of two hashtags, but it’s strange times and we’re all learning new skills. Okay, maybe hashtag-mashing isn’t the top skill I should be working on, but…

Anyway, I’ve got a couple free stories for you!!

Well, sort of.

If you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can now read two of my short stories for free. If you’re not in Kindle Unlimited, the stories only cost 99c which isn’t too bad for a little entertainment.

Just click the covers if you want to check them out.

Oh, and if neither of these stories grab your interest, be sure to check out the book promos below (one of which is filled with free fiction).

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!! 


Space Walk 

An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Story with a Side of Dark Humor

Noise? Corruption? Bugs? This is not the vacation Maya signed up for.


Testing the Waters

A Mythic Short Story

You can get away with many things in Port Athens. Breaking contracts is not one of them.



Self-isolation? Not when you’ve got fictional characters to keep you company! This promo features gobs of free books from a wide range of genres.


A Bit of Escape!

Worldwide pandemic got you down? Then escape into dozens of familiar stories that have all been given a new twist in this fantastic promotion. 


Get Your Myth On!

This hand-picked collection of books all put a new spin on a classic couple from mythology: Hades & Persephone. Just click the image to start browsing…

Have a safe and healthy weekend, everyone!!