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I hope you’re all doing well, or as well as possible.

It’s stressful times, but isn’t that the perfect excuse to escape into another world with a good book? Oh, and I just happen to have a new one ready for you!

Ugh, that was THE lamest sales pitch ever, right?

Anyway, this is a rather subdued release party, but that’s okay because I’d already planned not to make a big deal about this release since I’m saving my efforts for the May launch of The Return of Odysseus, the book that wraps up The Osteria Chronicles series.

But hey, The Battle of Ares is an entertaining bit of adventure that still deserves a bit of cheering.

We’ve got a war being fought on two fronts, we’ve got leaders being challenged, we’ve got heroes facing their toughest challenges yet, and we’ve got people discovering the hero within them.

Wait, that sounds eerily like current events.

Well, let’s also add in that we’ve got the gods losing their power, a bunch of grumpy titans about ready to take over, and some centaurs thrown in the mix.

Haven’t seen any of that in the news…yet.

Details, shopping links, and some great bargains on the rest of the series are below.

Happy reading everyone, and keep your distance from other humans!

The Battle of Ares: Book Five of The Osteria Chronicles

The war that could destroy Osteria has begun. And it’s not just the mortals whose lives are at risk.

The Battle of Ares sees Osteria at its most vulnerable. It’s a time of life-shattering power struggles, shifting alliances, and characters going against their nature to protect their realm and those they love.

Tricked into starting a war with Demos by his power-hungry brother, Menelaus leads the Osterian forces to exact vengeance on the man he believes has wronged him.

With its capital in the hands of invaders, the polis of Demos now faces enemies on two fronts: the vicious warriors of Aryana and the Osterians who should be Demos’s allies.

Although the Osterians start off strong, clashing personalities within the Osterian camp soon crush any hope for a short battle and trust in their leaders erodes to nothing.

Meanwhile, the gods on Olympus refuse to heed dire warnings that the titans are inching ever closer to obliterating them. And the moment the gods cease to exist, the mortals of Osteria will soon follow.

For mortal and immortal lives to survive this threat, the gods must set aside their arrogance, their stubbornness, and their differences. A challenge they have never successfully met before.

If you crave the mythological adventure of Clash of the Titans and enjoy the blend of history and fantasy in books by S.J.A Turney, Bernard Cornwell, and Madeline Miller, you’ll love this powerful tale of vengeance, honor, and loyalty.

The Battle of Ares is the fifth installment of the Osteria Chronicles, the series that brings myths to life as you’ve never seen them before.


The Battle of Ares is now available as an ebook at most major ebook retailers.

Just click HERE to find The Battle of Ares at your favorite ebook shop.

You can also get the book as a paperback from Amazon. However, due to increased demand and Amazon having to limit shipping, it may take longer than normal to get your book.

Still, I know some of you adore your paperbacks, so here’s the links you’ll need…

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Or enter 1711015830 into your Amazon search bar.


Backlist Book Bargains to Take Your Mind Off Things

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Or…through the end of March, The Osteria Chronicles Box Set (Books 1-3) will only set you back a mere 99c (normal price: $5.99).

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