Bars are closed.

Theaters are closed.

Sports are cancelled.

Now is THE time to become a Book Nerd! 

To become a true book nerd, your primary source of reading material should be your local library. Most have ramped up their digital lending programs, allowing you extra checkouts and/or longer loan periods.

But, if you are one of those bizarre people who don’t make use of your library, here’s some promos to help you get started on your path to book nerd-topia.

Your Introduction to Book Nerdification

First up is the Smashwords Authors Give Back Event. All the authors who have joined in are dedicated to giving up a portion of their royalties to keep you entertained in these financially wacky times.

All my books are 30% off and you can find them HERE, or if you want to browse the entire promo just head HERE.


This next promo is filled with dozens of freebies. You may have to sign up for a newsletter to get some of the freebies, but you can unsubscribe at any time.


If you’ve still got a bit of spare change in your savings account, you can pick up some AMAZING deals in this promo where every single book is (or is supposed to be) a mere 99c.


And last but not least, here’s another chance at some 99c books. All of these are fantasy or sci-fi, because I think we’d all like to be in a different world right now.

Have fun browsing, keep those hands washed, and stay away from other humans!

11 thoughts on “There’s No Better Time to Become a Book Nerd

  1. Totally agree with you. I dont like ebooks particularly, so soon I’ll be buying some kind of large kindle because I loathe reading on my phone. Who knows, maybe itll work!


    1. I tend to go back and forth between ebooks and print books. Sometimes I do lean a bit more toward ebooks because I can make the font larger, which helps keep my eyes happy after a long day at the computer. I picked up an older, used version of a Kindle a couple months ago. It’s not as smooth as the Kindle app on my phone, but I the e-ink screen is more like reading paper…another eye soother :))

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      1. You definitely have a good point there.

        For me, it’s more of an access thing. My local library is shut down and is only allowing for ebook rentals, so somehow I’m going to have to make that work.

        I’ll definitely be buying a Kindle of some kind soon. As long as it’s not my phone I think I’ll be okay.


  2. Well you know, I HAVE been neglecting my book-nerd-ism lately… So thanks for this! I’m also going to be tackling that mountain of unread print books I have at home and dipping in to a few old favourites for a re-read. Never a dull moment when you’ve got a book handy, right? 😁


    1. Well, I suppose if you get a boring book, but then you can have fun using it to build a book fort. Or using it for toilet paper if things get desperate. Print books only, of course.

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