Hey Bloglandia,

I know it’s an ominous time for new ventures, but pandemic or not, I’m plowing ahead with one of my goals for this year.

I’ve been hinting since the start of the year about starting a podcast. Well, a couple weeks ago I committed to it by buying a domain name and website — which is under currently construction, but if you don’t mind dodging a bit of scaffolding, you can take a look HERE.

Now, I know this is Bloglandia and reading blogs may be your preferred form of entertainment, getting information, interacting with the world, but I’m going to bet there’s a few of you out there who also listen to podcasts.

For those of you who are podcast fans, I’m starting a newsletter specifically for the podcast to keep in touch and to keep you up to date.

In each newsletter you’ll get listening links for the latest episode, show notes, and an exclusive bonus tidbit (trivia, giveaways, etc) available only to newsletter recipients.

Once the show is up and running (late April or early May), the newsletter will appear weekly in your inbox. Updates on the launch will start showing up in April.

If you’d like to join that list, just click HERE or click the show’s logo below…

So what’s the podcast about?

Books! No surprise, right?

Here’s the rough script for the trailer to lure you in…

Do you crave books like other people crave chocolate? Have you ever shopped for a book-scented candle? Are libraries and bookstores your dream destinations?

If you answered yes, the Book Owl Podcast is just what you need to feed your book addiction.

The Book Owl Podcast entertains you with everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about books from tantalizing tomes to luscious libraries, and literary lore to quirky bookstores.

Delivered with plenty of light-humor, you’ll soon be caught in the Book Owl’s beak.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what book will kill you, whether dogs read, or why a bookstore has a train running through it, you’ll want to spend some time with The Book Owl.

The Book Owl Podcast…We give a hoot for book nerds!


Again, the show will likely launch in late April or early May. If you want to stay up to date, be sure to join the flock by signing up for the The Book Owl Podcast Newsletter.

Thanks everyone and keep those hands scrubbed!!

4 thoughts on “Are You a Book-Loving Podcast Fan?

  1. That’s exciting, Tammie. My dad and I talked about doing something like this on his website, but we never got to do it. I’m going to sign up and check it out! I’d be interested in hearing how you set it up, too.


    1. Thanks for signing up, Barbara! As for how to set up, the short answer is, “I DON’T KNOW!!!” (Imagine me pulling my hair out as I scream this.) It’s definitely a step-by-step learning process and I’ve been spending A LOT of time reading through Help sections. I think I almost have a handle on it and I imagine I’ll do a series of post sometime soon about this madness.

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