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Since I’ve been keenly focussed on my fiction for the past couple years, you may have forgotten that a while ago I wrote a little non-fiction book called Going Native: Small Steps to a Healthy Garden.

going native, native plant, gardening guideThe book pulls on my wide array of gardening know-how, blends it with a strong concern for the environment and for native flora and fauna, then tops it all off with sprinkling of my scientific background.

Don’t let that last science-y bit scare you. Going Native has been described as a “very approachable guide” and having a “reader-friendly writing style” while still being “chock-full of information.”

Basically, the book shows you how small changes in the plants you choose can create a healthier garden that’s easy and inexpensive to maintain, benefits the environment, conserves resources, and protects your area’s native species.

Going Native will…

  • Guide you through the benefits of going native,
  • Provide tips on how to plan your native garden,
  • Teach you where to obtain native plants, and
  • Step you through getting your native garden off to the best start possible and how to care for it once it’s in place.

Living up to that “chock-full of information” comment, Going Native also walks you through the basics of eco-friendly gardening such as…

  • Controlling invasive species,
  • Going chemical free,
  • Dealing with pests and weeds,
  • Understanding soil type,
  • Rethinking your lawn,
  • Attracting wildlife, and more

Better than that? It’s on sale!!

Normally, the ebook version of Going Native costs $5.99*, but I know many of you out there are itching to get your gardens underway.

Since I fully understand your spring fever, and since I REALLY want your gardens to be healthy, I’m running an amazing sale on Going Native.

For the next few days, Going Native will only set you back 99c! 

The sale lasts until noon on 10 March, after which the book will increase to $2.99**. By 13 March, the book will be back up to $5.99.

So if a garden that requires less work, saves you money, protects the environment, and remains healthy and thriving year round sounds good, then be sure to snag this great deal before it ends. Just click HERE or click the cover above.

Happy Gardening!!!

*The book can also be found in paperback for $12.99

**These sale prices only apply to the U.S. Amazon store.


“This book builds a strong scientific foundation for choosing and nurturing native plants coupled with a reader friendly writing style which makes the information accessible to gardeners with varied levels of expertise.”

“[Going Native] was absolutely amazing. There are tips for every stage of gardening– including the preparation, killing/deterring weeds, planting, etc. It’s wonderfully detailed and helpful, and I’m so grateful to have it”

“I found Going Native to be a very approachable guide on gardening. The advice was practical and informative without being preachy or stuffy. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting good practical garden advice.”

“This book is chock-full of information on how to incorporate native plants in the garden. It would be a great help to any new gardener who wishes to achieve the obvious benefits of going native: lower maintenance, lower impact on the environment, and to me most important, the beauty of the natural look.”

going native, native plant, gardening guide



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    1. Nice!! What an excellent project! Sounds like you already have plenty of native know-how, but if you do get a copy, I hope it provides a few useful tips.


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