Hey Book Lovers of Bloglandia!

Just a quick post to perk up your Sunday and send your book loving heart fluttering with some terrific promotions.

First up, you know how you start reading one book in a series and you’re hooked by the end of the first installment, but then you have to hunt down the next book in the series to keep reading?

Well, this promo solves those book hunting woes and will keep you on your series binging path without a hitch. The promotion is full of boxsets including mysteries, romance, sci-fi, and fantasy (one by yours truly).

There’s some tempting tomes waiting so be sure to give it a look.

If you’re just looking for straight up sci-fi and fantasy bargains, you can’t go wrong with this promo from sci-fi author Dean Wilson. Each one of the dozens of books is only 99c for a limited time.

(The graphic says this doesn’t start until tomorrow, but it’s live now.)

And of course, don’t forget about my own promo full of short fiction to allow you to make the most of the shortened amount of reading time this month.

Have fun browsing!

I’ll be back Wednesday with another peek at the odd notions of love found in Greek mythology.


A little request and some information about these promos…

These promos are organized by indie authors via Book Funnel (except the 99c sci-fi one) to help spread the word about each other’s books. It’s basically free advertising and is VERY effective.

To be a part of any of these promos I need to have a “good reputation”…in other words I need to share the links to the promos with as many people as possible.

If I don’t share, I risk being removed from the promo AND being excluded from other promos…and believe me, with my limited advertising budget, that would be BAD.

I get “points” each time you click on the links above. Those points don’t affect you in any way or cost you anything, but they do boost my reputation.

So, what I’m saying is, Please click on the links above and peruse the promos just for a few seconds. It’s a HUGE help that will allow me to keep advertising my books in a budget-friendly manner.