Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia!!

I put a fair number of promos on this blog (usually at the end of posts), but this promo is near and dear to my little marketing heart. Why is it so special, you ask? Because it’s MY promo.

Yep, I came up with the idea. I built the graphics. I recruited the authors. I sifted through all the submissions, accepting most, while rejecting some with a power-wielding, manically-wicked cackle.

And now I’m encouraging you to spend a little time browsing through the promo page where I’m sure a few of the more than 100 titles will appeal to you.

With February being a short month, our reading time has been reduced. This is enough to send dedicated readers into fits of hysteria. Luckily, every book in this promo is a quick read, ranging from short stories to novellas. Genres include romance, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, mystery, and more!!

Some choices are free, some are free to read if you’re in Kindle Unlimited, and some come at a slight cost (I’ve encouraged my team of authors to price these short works to 99c and most have done so).

Anyway, reading time’s a tickin’ away!

Click the image below, do a bit of browsing, and pick up some of these short reads to fill up your February!


By the way, if you’re prepping for 31 dreamy days of reading in March and want some longer fiction, check out this promo full of fantasy and sci-fi tomes….