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Whether you find it a bunch of ridiculous glad-handing or not, award season is upon us. But before we start drowning too deeply in gold statues that look like murder weapons from an Agatha Christie novel, I’ve got my own competition to wrap up.

If you’ll remember, about a month ago, I went a bit a bit nuts with some cover design creativity and needed a little help narrowing down the choices. I have no idea what it was but something about these covers really grabbed people because I have never seen such a huge response to one of my book cover surveys!

I have to admit, there was a cover in the running I really liked. I liked it so much, that I balked a few times at what the survey results were telling me. I mean, this is America, we don’t do democracy anymore, right? What? We’re not a dictatorship yet. Sorry, back to the voting!!!

I did allow democracy to reign and, thanks to the feedback I received from some of you regarding tone and style, I gave my favorite cover a skeptical look and realized the comments were right on the nose.

Anyway, enough lingering, I now present the cover that won with a landslide victory. Cue fumbling with envelope, struggling to get card out of envelope, turning it right side up, and the winner is…..

Honestly, I didn’t like this cover much at first, mainly because the model doesn’t exactly look like the Odysseus I have pictured in my head.

Still, that breastplate, those ominous clouds, and the splash of red in a mostly dark image all fit with the book and the series.

And wow, did you guys like him! Besides the numerous mentions of “man candy”, this cover nabbed 46% of the votes (the runner up only garnered 21%).

So, a BIG THANKS to everyone who voted and left comments. If your cover didn’t win, don’t worry, it was probably one of my favorites and might cover a different book one day.

As far as the books…they’re done!!! I finished my last round of proofreading on Saturday. My First Readers are still sifting through the books with a fine-toothed comb, but ladies and gentlemen, my work here is done!! Phew.

Sales Pitch Time

Both The Battle of Ares (Book Five) and The Return of Odysseus (Book Six) are now available for pre-order at most major retailers.

Release dates are 24 March and 19 May, respectively (paperbacks will be released then, as well).

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If you haven’t started in on The Osteria Chronicles yet, you can jump into this historical fantasy series in which the gods, myths, and heroes or Ancient Greece come to life by….

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And here’s a big ol’ blurb to (hopefully) lure you into the series…

Myths and heroes may be reborn, but the whims of the gods never change.

​​​​​​​Enter a world where Game of Thrones meets Clash of the Titans with this collection of the first three books from the “highly recommended” Osteria Chronicles series. ​​​​

Perfect for fans of mythology and historical fantasy fiction by Madeline Miller, Simon Scarrow, S.J.A. Turney, Mary Renault, and Glyn Iliffe, The Osteria Chronicles are a captivating series in which the myths, gods, and heroes of Ancient Greece come to life as you’ve never seen them before.

​​​​​​​In anticipation of the conclusion of the series in 2020, this set includes…

  • The Trials of Hercules: In a world where mortals contend with the gods’ vengeful whims, one man must ask himself if he will risk his life to defend the goddess who has done everything to destroy him./li>
  • ​​​​​​​The Voyage of Heroes: In a dangerous game that pits god against god, and family against one another, trust proves to be the deadliest weapon.
  • ​​​​​​​The Maze of Minos: With the gods as your allies, your life, your world, and your sanity have never been in more danger. Adventure, betrayal, and passion are waiting.
  • Exclusive Bonus Content: From the creation of the series to a tour through the world of Osteria, this collection includes a wealth of bonus material not available in earlier versions of the books.​​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​What Readers are Saying…
​​​​​​​–I strongly recommend this series…
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​–This book should be rated as one of the top ten books of the year.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​–The interactions of the gods and mortals was inspired. Seeing the gods behaving badly was a treat.I was immediately pulled in.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​–Highly recommended for fans of fantasy in general and Greek mythology in particular…satisfying, from beginning to end.
​​​​​​​–…kept me turning pages the whole way through like any guilty pleasure


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