Hello Bloglandia!

Just another quick post from me this week to let you know about Smashwords Super Amazing End of Year Sale. Or, as I like to call it, A Book Addict’s Holiday Dream.

During this annual sale, which runs from 25 December through 1 January, you can pick up all manner of ebooks by indie authors for 25, 50, 75, even 100% off…which we usually refer to as “free.”

As part of the year-end extravaganza, I’ve thrown several of my books into the fray. Here’s what’s on offer (with sale prices and coupon codes)…

Again, make sure you use those codes when you check out to snag your bargains. The codes will only work on Smashwords, not on any other retailers.

Of course, I’m not the only author in this sale. Not by a long shot. There’s loads of books and genres from historical to horror, and humor to how-to.

On the sale page (LINK) Smashwords has organized the books by how steeply they’re discounted, so you can easily shop according to your budget.

Have fun browsing and I hope you find some great deals!

(The titles above are direct links to my books on Smashwords, as are the covers below)

domna, paperback, complete
Bargains Galore!!!