It’s not often in this politically-charged world that I dare ask anyone’s opinion, but it’s come that time in the book production process when I’m seeking input, opinions, thoughts, and comments.

Of course, I’m trusting that you guys are all kind enough not to turn this into a sound bite-riddled shouting match unlike most “debates” these days.

Sigh…but I digress.

Anyway, as I’ve been known to do, I’ve gone into creative overdrive with the book covers for my upcoming novel, The Return of Odysseus: Book Six of the Osteria Chronicles.

Notice I said nothing about The Battle of Ares (Book Five), which is also coming out next year? That’s because that book cover just happened to fall right into place with the perfect image. Sorry, no big reveals yet…see how I’m teasing you? Mwahahaha!!

First off, for those of you who have forgotten, here’s the covers from the first four books in the series. And for those of you who have no idea what this series is about, you can either head over to the series page HERE, or I can just tell you that it’s a historical/mythological fantasy in which the myths, gods, and heroes of Ancient Greece come to life as you’ve never seen them before.

The Choices & A Few Quick Tips Before You Vote

You’ll find the cover choices below, but first, I’ve got a few instructions and things to keep in mind…

  • To start, scan the covers as quickly as possible. Imagine you’re scrolling along through a page full of books. Which one catches your eye straight out of the gate?
  • Now, go back over the covers with a more judgmental eye. The book is historical fantasy set in a Greco-Roman world. There’s a lot going on in this book, but the main story lines are a battle between the gods and the titans, Odysseus trying to get home to his wife Penelope after a long absence, and the troubles he’ll face if he does make it home. When narrowing down your choice, which of these do you think best reflects these plots/themes?
  • Because these are only mock-ups, some of the images still have watermarks on them (the criss-cross white lines and the word Canva). Try your best to look past these marks when considering the design.
  • You can enlarge the covers, but since these will most likely be seen as thumbnail images on sites like Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, try to keep them small to get a better feel for how the cover will be seen in “real” life.

Ready? Okay, here’s the four covers to choose from….

Cover A
Cover B
Cover C
Cover D

And a survey to mark your choice….

Thanks so much for your help!!

Of course, I’m open to any suggestions, thoughts, or outright praise (kidding) you might have, so feel free to toss your two cents into the comment box below.



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22 thoughts on “Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

    1. I know, I resisted the man chest cover for a long time (and I may be doing chest-less cover revamp next year), but that guy in D (also featured on Book One’s cover) just matched too perfectly for my mental image of my Hercules character. Thanks for voting!!!

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  1. It’s funny. Even after you mentioned why the word “Canva” might be there, I automatically read “The Return of Canva” for a second. Anyway, I liked B and C the best, but voted for B. The man in the foreground seemed to stand for Odysseus, while the dark skies in the background seemed like a reference to the larger battle going on, so I thought it covered things pretty well. The only suggestion I might have is to maybe make the sky even angrier looking.


    1. Ha!! Now I have a title for my next series… The Return of Canva, where a graphic design interface threatens to take over the world :)) Now that you mention it, I do like the ominous skies in the background of B. Thanks for voting and for the suggestion. If B wins, I’ll see what I can do to adjust the sky.


  2. My preferred ones were A and B too, voting for B (the hot looking guy was a bit of a clincher!) It works best with the others in the series. I think C too obscure ~ I had to look too hard to work out what the image was. I think the hot guy in B works better than in D. While the texture of his chest looks okay in the Trials of Hercules, it looks a bit odd on this one.


    1. I really liked that image on C at first, but you’re right, with the text and with the image made tiny, it is hard to tell what’s going on there. I already had the image of Mr D in my files…I think I succumbed to a fit of laziness when I tried to use him for Odysseus. Right now, I think Mr B is winning the Mr Odysseus Pageant :)) Thanks for voting and for your comments, Anne!!!


    1. Hey Todd, I do classify the books as historical fantasy, so hopefully the covers along with the titles convey that. Since I keep the colors rather dark (not “light & fluffy”), I also hope that also pushes the romance out of people’s minds. As for the man candy..I do try to push most of the “candy” off to the side :)) But you do have a good point and you’ll be glad to know that there is another cover remodel in the works that is completely candy free.


  3. Cover B just jumped right out at me and just seemed like the perfect fit! I have loved every book in this series! You are an awesome writer!


  4. I like A because he is coming home and see the golden fields of his land but little does he know what trials and tribulations wait for him there. I also like to imagine in my mind what he would look like through your descriptions of him instead of a picture.

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    1. Hey Micki,
      You nailed it right in the head as to why I chose the image for A. It has a look of being home but also being weary. I also liked that it showed the clothes while leaving the face to the imagination. Thanks for voting!


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