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Now, while I had an announcement to make today, I wasn’t expecting to get to make two announcements…the first of which is super exciting….

I’ve had a story accepted by First Line Literary Journal!!!

Okay, this isn’t a huge magazine with world renown, but it was my goal this year to get a story accepted by them. And it looks like I made it in the nick of time! Phew.

If you don’t know First Line Literary Journal, it’s a small press magazine that offers up one starter line every quarter. Writers must keep the line exactly as is and craft a story from that line. I’ve used many of their lines over the years, but never had any love from the acceptance gods.

This year, in honor of their tenth anniversary, First Line let writers pick from every first line the press has used in the past decade. And this year, I set myself a goal of finally getting accepted. So, every quarter I wrote one, two, even three stories and sent them in.

I had no luck with the spring issue, but over the summer my story The Drive-Thru Window earned a you-almost-made-the-cut note from the editor who said he really liked it. This kept me motivated to keep trying. Unfortunately, I completely screwed up my fall submissions. The winter issue was my last hope.

I sent off Mrs. Morris Meets Death just before leaving for France and then sort of forgot about it. Then, this morning, sitting there in my email inbox was a subject line that jerked me awake: First Line Acceptance and Contract. YAY!!!

Anyway, those of you who snagged the story when it was available on my Payhip store have your copies. As part of the contract, the story is no longer on the store, but I’ll keep you posted when the magazine comes out.

Tammie Painter, short story, Mrs. Morris, book cover
Accepted! In the nick of time!

Speaking of Stories…

Okay, now for the announcement I had prepared for today…

December’s Story of the Month is now available!!

And yes, it was inspired by one of First Line’s lines :))

Maya has convinced her husband Joel to forego their usual vacation to take a trip of a lifetime. The company SpaceWalk promises adventure, unparalleled views, and, for those who purchase the Enhanced Package, a chance to take part in a space walk.

Eager to experience the final frontier, Maya spends all of her and Joel’s savings on the enhanced package and ventures outside the ship for her first walk. But Maya soon discovers she’s not alone. Not in the depths of space, nor within her spacesuit.

What starts out a dream vacation quickly turns dangerous, not only for the passengers and crew, but, thanks to corruption from within SpaceWalk, for all of humanity.

If you like a little snarky humor with your apocalyptic terror and aren’t squeamish, you’ll love Space Walk.

Space Walk is available exclusively at my Payhip Bookstore for only 79c. If you’d like to try a sample before you buy, just click the cover above.


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