It seems like it’s been ages since Finn McSpool has pestered me for a photo shoot. Perhaps he was feeling chubby after too many trips to the boulangeries in France or maybe he was actually thinking of others and letting me finish up those last pesky edits on my books.

Whatever the cause, the strange phenomenon is over because the woolly Irish monster came running in on stumpy legs yesterday shouting it was a fabulous time for photos. Sigh. The peace and quiet was nice while it lasted.

-Alright Finn, what’s got you all excited?


-Finn, it’s fall. Everything’s dead and dying and mucky and blah.

-Okay, Debbie Downer, what about this New Guinea impatiens you’ve got on the kitchen table?

-Whoa, where’d those blooms come from?

-One would assume New Guinea.

-Okay, smart ass, but that plant is inside where it’s safe from the chilly temps and horror show of fall weather. 

-Well maybe if you’d stop editing like a madwoman, you’d have noticed your rose — your OUTDOOR rose, mind you — is looking pretty spectacular.

-Hmm, yeah that’s pretty impressive. Anything else still blooming?

-I’ve noticed some hummingbirds sucking up the last bit of sugary snacks from a couple of your salvia plants.

-Nice! No wonder the hummingbird feeder is still full. What else?

-You’ve got a clump of fuchsias that refuse to call it quits.

-Wow, Finn, you’ve really brightened my day. What else have you got?

-Um, we’ve got to go back inside, but I’m not sure you’re going to be happy about it.

-Why are you acting so strange? Did you break something?

-No, it’s just I know how you hate it when people start decorating for Christmas in November.

-Please don’t tell me you put up the Xmas tree.

-No, but I found this plant getting a little overeager for the holiday.

-The Christmas cactus! I suppose I can’t get too annoyed over a plant jumping the gun for the holiday season. I can get annoyed that it’s incredibly difficult to get a picture of, though. 

-How about this?

-Very stylish. Well, Finn, are you ready for some Thanksgiving feasting tomorrow? 

-Did you remember to get wine?

-Of course.

-Oh yeah, I’m ready!

What about you? Anything still blooming in your garden (no fair if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)? Anything blooming indoors for you? 

For those of you in the U.S., have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!



6 thoughts on “Exploring the “Finn”door Garden

  1. Finn-door garden (snicker) – very cute play on words. Finn is adorable as always! That is wonderful you have some indoor greenery to enjoy (I am thinking the outdoor greenery is likely frozen now – ha!)


    1. Luckily, being nestled in the Willamette Valley we have plenty of greenery throughout the winter (and not just the algae growing on the sidewalks) with all the ferns and evergreens, but I imagine my salvias and fuchsias are going to be gone after the freezing temps this week. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi!!

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  2. Isn’t it wonderful how things just grow in the garden without us doing anything….or even noticing! I am sure that Finn came and visited my garden for this shoot, because my fuchsia and salvia is the same as the ones Finn was proudly displaying. Both are still flowering well in my garden, but the foxgloves are well past their prime.


    1. Hmmm…has he been sneaking off on trips by himself? Maybe that explains his long absence. We’re going to be below freezing over the next couple days, so I had to get out and enjoy the flowers before they’re killed off.


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