Happy Halloween Bloglandia!!

Finn McSpool has made it back from France just in time for Halloween (or as he calls it, “Candy Day”).

In honor of the sugar-laden holiday he’s taken on the new, spooky moniker of Finn McGhoul….but maybe he’s the one who should be scared since it looks like that jack o’lantern has an appetite for purple monsters.

–Finn, you okay?

–(grunting, wriggling, wiping off pumpkin goo from his stripes) Um, yeah, absolutely. Why would you think otherwise?

–Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because the Halloween decorations were eating you.

–Pshaw, I was just testing out my future career in dentistry. (He says, looking away sheepishly. And as he’s looking away, his eyes widen, his legs turn into a stumpy blur of activity, and there’s a shout of joy.) Candy!!!!!

Anyway, while I extract Finn from the trick-or-treat bowl, have a great day full of ghosts, goblins, and monsters!





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