We’re From France

Hello Bloglandia!!!

It’s just a quick “Hello” from me this week. Or should I say, “Bonjour!”

Yes, Mr Husband, Finn McSpool, and I are still traipsing through France with only a few more days remaining of our latest adventure.

I’ll have all the juicy details and horror stories of the trip when I get back, but for now you’ll have to settle for a few brief glimpses of where we’ve been so far.


Lyon… (A very tiny Finn can be seen in the Y if you look closely)…



…Where we also have the best amenity ever at our vacation rental…a cat!

After a couple more nights in Arles, we’ll be zipping back up to Paris for a final afternoon of Parisian sights before hopping a plane back home. Type at you soon!!!


Need Something to Read?

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