Do Some Reading While I’m Away

Hello Bloglandia!

So, I’m in France. I know, it’s a tough life as a writer. But just because I’m sipping wine and wandering around with a baguette (and Finn McSpool) jauntily sticking out of my satchel, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you.

In fact, I had this post planned long before I left because I wanted to be sure to keep you busy and entertained while I’m away. Well, and because I promised the promo organizers that I would tell you all about all these terrific deals.

Not to overwhelm you, but there are four, count ’em FOUR, promos below and each has a slightly different selection of books. Some have a mix of freebies and bargains, one contains books all marked down to 99c, and one has so many books on offer your head might explode with choice!

So, if you’re ready to do some browsing, just keep scrolling, click on the images that grab your fancy, then take a gander at what’s on offer (and yes, I have one or two books in each promo).

I’ll be back next week with a few photos of what Finn’s been getting up to in the French countryside. In the meantime, Happy Book Shopping!