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I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the wee Irish monster, but Finn McSpool is alive and well (meaning, his stuffing hasn’t fallen out…often a fatal illness for Beasties).

He’s so healthy, in fact, that this morning I caught him packing his backpack…even if he still can’t quite figure out how to wear it.

Finn backpack

But where’s he heading? Let’s find out…

–Hey Finn, big vacation plans?


–Hmmm, that’s a disturbingly succinct answer. Can you give me some clues?

–I don’t know. I really have a lot to get packed. I mean, there’s some things a Beastie like me simply can’t travel without.

–What? Like an entourage?

–Exactly! Which is why I’m going to let you come with me.

–Gee, thanks. But like I said, where are we headed?

–(Finn grunts and struggles as he tries to wrangle a sheet of paper) Unghh, can you help me with this?

–(spreading the paper out flat reveals the answer) We’re going to France?!!

Finn Mcspool, France, Beastie, map

–Only if I manage to get packed. I’ve got very important stuff to bring.

Finn Mcspool, vacation, Beastie

–I see. You know, I think I’ve heard they have food in France, you can probably leave the sandwich and cookie behind.

–This? This isn’t for France. This is fuel to get me through the ordeal of packing.

–Ugh, I hear you! Now that you mention it, I better get packing too.

–How long could it take? I mean, you really only need your camera to take pictures of me.

–(cue heavy sigh and eye roll from me)

That’s right, everyone. For the next couple weeks, Finn is trading his book for a beret, his beer for a Beaujolais, and I’m going to be chasing after him on a Beastie-filled Tour de France.

To get in the spirit of things, Finn’s already been practicing his poses with spectacular scenery…

Finn McSpool, france

Finn Mcspool France, Beastie

I haven’t had the heart to tell him we’re not going to visit either of these scenic wonders. Still, if there’s a camera trained on him, I’m sure Finn will have a fabulous time!

Now, I know you’re fretting over not receiving your weekly news from us. Never fear, I’ve been planning ahead and the blog will continue in our absence. There’s some amazing specials coming your way next week, and hopefully there’ll be time the following week to sneak in a little travel update.

In the meantime, au revoir et á bientôt!!


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