The Ghost of Arlen Hall: A Haunted Tale for Halloween

Hello Bloglandia!

I finally get to share this story with you!!! Imagine Downtown Abbey meets Poltergeist and you’ll have an idea of what you’re in for.

Seriously, this bit of fiction is so spooky I scared myself when I was crafting it. I wrote the tale last winter, but figured it would be perfect for the creepy season of Halloween and have been saving it for you ever since!

Alright ghosts and ghouls, hold on to your ectoplasm because it’s time for…

The Ghost of Arlen Hall

A Haunted Tale of Misguided Love

Arlen Hall is known to be troublesome, but that doesn’t stop one author from purchasing the estate the moment it goes on the market.

With her history tied to the manor house’s past and her heart tied to a man who died within its walls, the writer has devoted her life and her savings to owning the estate.

But when she moves in, the ghost of the man she’s determined to love plays hard to get. It’s only when she confronts him that she realizes Arlen Hall’s secrets should have remained in the grave.

Just in time for Halloween, The Ghost of Arlen Hall presents a chilling ghost story in the gothic tradition. You may want to leave the lights on for this one!  

Feeling brave enough to enter Arlen Hall? You can read a free excerpt or you can purchase the story for 89 cents at my Payhip Bookstore.


I’ll be back Saturday with a special visit from the long-absent Finn McSpool. See you then!!