My Writing Month: September

September showed up and left so quickly, I barely had time to tally up my writing numbers. Anyway, I managed to dust off the old word-count calculator and slapped the results on a graphic with a little rundown of what the numbers represent below….

New Fiction: All those words were added onto the first and second books of my new zombie/magic/mystery trilogy I’ve got in the works (you can read more about that HERE). Working through the second draft of both books in only six weeks required keeping my nose to the grindstone, but it also provided a much-needed mental distraction from The Big Health Scare.

Words Edited: Again, most of these were from the zombie project.

Blogs & Newsletters: I’m getting into a better groove of keeping my newsletter folks up to date on my writing news and providing them with special sneak peeks of what I’m working on. As for the blog, some days I wonder why I keep doing this, but in other ways I still find it fun to share what I’m up to and throwing it out into Bloglandia.

Misc Words & Notes: This was all dedicated to writing a surprise article for Horticulture magazine…surprise, as in “Surprise, I need this article ASAP!” The article required a tough day of research with a visit to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It was a great article to write, but did steal away my short story writing time. Luckily, I’ve held onto a backup spooky short story specifically for Halloween. You’ll learn all about that next Wednesday.

What about you? How was your September? Did you reach (or surpass) any goals? 

As mentioned above, I’ll be back Wednesday with a short story for you that creaks and groans with gothic horror tension!


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