Ready for a Reading Challenge?

Hello Bloglandia!

I’ve got good news, bad news, reading news, and free books for you!

Good News…I’m not dying and, while there’s still some residual anxiety, the Big Health Scare is now over. More on that next week.

Bad News…well, not really bad unless you’re addicted to my blogging blather. During Big Health Scare, to take my mind off things, I’ve been working on the second draft of a trilogy I started last year. Added to this work, I got a surprise assignment from Horticulture Magazine. Surprise as in the editor saying, ‘Surprise! I need this article as quickly as you can crank it out.”

So the Bad News is that, although I’m back in the saddle, I don’t have much time for a proper blog post.

But never fear, because I have Reading News. I recently came across an article from the New York Times I just had to share with you because it’s all about reading and, besides finding out I’m not dying, reading is one of my absolute favorite things in the world!

If you feel like you’ve been slacking off on your reading habits, the article not only explains why you should be reading (hint: it makes your brain super happy, it also provides you with a guided challenge to get you back in the reading habit.

I’ve copied the text of the article below, which includes the link to the challenge, Be A Better Reader in 7 Days.

Enjoy the article. Be sure to let me know if you take the challenge and how you did!! Type at you next week!!


Pick Up a Book and Learn to Read Better in 7 Days (from The New York Times, by Tina Jordan)

Our “Be a Better Reader Challenge” will help you find the right book and read it deeply and critically this week.

Want to sleep better, be smarter and more empathetic? Try picking up a book. There’s a lot more between those pages than just stories. Were you once a voracious reader, but life got in the way? Do you long for the escape that comes with reading a good book? Or do you just feel that reading is a chore, not something you’d do for fun?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions — and you’d like to get back to books — now is the perfect time to do it. Because “now” is always the right time to get back to reading. (If you think you don’t have time, check out this article, “In the Time You Spend on Social Media Each Year, You Could Read 200 Books.”)

Americans are reading less and less — according to one recent study of people ages 15 to 54, not even 10 minutes a day. People rarely immerse themselves in novels like they used to, or pick up challenging histories or memoirs; they don’t stimulate and engage their brains with deep, close, careful reading.

This doesn’t have to be you. If you’ve fallen out of the reading habit, and you’d like to re-commit to books, then sign up for Be a Better Reader in 7 Days,” and we’ll send you a daily email with suggestions and tasks that will help you make reading part of your life once again. We’ll teach you how to choose the right book, how to create a reading plan and how to read more critically and deeply.

Need a Book for the Challenge? Here’s a Couple Promos to Get You Started….

Promo #1 – Science Fiction & Fantasy Freebies

This promo includes a good mix of novels that will appeal to the sci-fi & fantasy nerd lurking in all of us. All the books are (or should be) free.

Promo #2 – Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

This promo is crammed full of books that combine the heart’s desire with fantastical adventures. Some books are free, some can be had at an amazing bargain. Just click the image to swoon over the selection (and the stories!).



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4 thoughts on “Ready for a Reading Challenge?

  1. That good news ~ that you are not dying! ~ is REALLY GOOD NEWS! I hope the reason for the residue anxiety is resolved very soon. Thanks for the challenge. However, my challenge is to put a book down, not to pick one up. On a tangential note, I was delighted to look across the tram and see not one but two young men reading actual books! Perhaps there is hope for humanity. 😉

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    1. That is a hopeful sighting! I’m the same way. If there’s a spare moment, I’ve probably got a book in my hands (or in my ears) and there’s always stacks of books tucked around the house…don’t get me started on how cluttered my phone is with ebooks. Maybe I should think about getting eyes in the back of my head so I can read twice as much :))

      And yes, finding out you’re not dying is one of the best forms of stress relief! I’ve still got some lingering mistrust toward my body, but it’s decreasing day by day.

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  2. Good to hear that it’s not the worst. Waiting on possible bad news is awful.
    I agree that becoming immersed in stories is easy most of the time. But there are so many books that look interesting, before I know it I’ve got a bunch of new ones on my tablet. You know how you’re not supposed to go grocery shopping when hungry because everything looks good? I’m kind of that way with books. I make sure ARCs are always at the top of the list because that’s only right. It’s easy to forget the others unless they really stand out for some reason.

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    1. I’m the EXACT same way. I’m always picking up new books despite telling myself “You need to clear some shelf space (real or virtual) before you get any more books.” And don’t get me started on how many books I have lined up on hold at the library. Seriously, librarians are enablers for book addicts!!


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