Mrs. Morris Meets Death: August’s Featured Story

It’s time for a new short story from yours truly! This one was inspired by The First Line Literary Journal’s prompt “Mrs. Morris was too busy to die.” How could I resist a line like that, right?

The first draft for this one started off a bit slow. I had the Mrs. Morris character nailed down from the start (an elderly lady involved in anything and everything she could take charge of), but Death (aka “Mortimer”) took a little while to figure out. But once I did, I had a ton of fun writing this one.

So, without further ado, here’s August’s Featured Story. If you want to read a short excerpt, just click the cover below.

Mrs. Morris Meets Death

A Mortal Tale of Time Management

With her book sales, bake sales, garden club, and the Halloween Hop, Mrs. Morris has no room on her schedule for activities such as dying.

Unfortunately, when Death calls, he can’t take no for an answer…management simply won’t allow it.

Having only recently been assigned his latest post, Death can’t screw up.

Trouble is, with his overwhelming workload, although Mrs. Morris doesn’t want to go, Death might just need her organizational skills if he’s ever going to find a spare moment for the new hobby he’s fallen headstone over heels with.

Ready for a humorously, death-defying tale of time management, mistaken identities, cruise ships, and romance novels? Then pick up your copy of Mrs. Morris Meets Death today (available exclusively at my Payhip Bookstore). 

Have a great week, everyone!!!

11 thoughts on “Mrs. Morris Meets Death: August’s Featured Story

  1. Well THAT was good timing! I now have this downloaded & ready to keep me company on my lunch break! Thank you, Tammie 😁
    (Also, delivery issues totally resolved for those of us who are “out foreign”!)


      1. Hmmm…maybe that could be my new slogan: My books will make you look like a nutter! Glad you liked it, and I hope you didn’t lose too much of your sandwich. :))


  2. Fun! But what in the world is vegetarian haggis?! I have a complicated relationship with bagpipes. I mostly hate them, but every once in a while, in the right circumstances, they can be awfully impressive.


    1. After careful research (okay, a Google search), it turns out veggie haggis is basically rice pilaf with some lentils in it. I mean, if you’re not going to throw in a few grams of sheep stomach, how can you call it haggis? I have a weird admiration for bagpiping, but after hearing Scotland the Brave played about 5000 times over the day, I was bagpiped out!


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