My Writing Numbers for July

Howdy Bloglandia,

It’s another round of writing numbers. Since I’m deep into revising mode, my numbers aren’t quite as beefy as June’s, but here’s the tally….

So what do the numbers represent?

Blog/Newsletter: Um, pretty self-explanatory. My newsletter subscribers got treated to a new feature this month which added a couple hundred words, while we also went on tour to Alaska, accepted a reading challenge, and explored a hilarious bit of procrastination.

Notes: Some of these numbers included a lengthy brainstorming session during which I gave my marketing and book production strategy a HUGE re-think. After plenty of reflecting (and note scribbling) I’m turning my efforts in a different direction, but I feel it’s going to lead to a stronger way for my marketing to reflect “me”. Plus, I feel incredibly focused now as a result.

Editing: Even though I’m revising, I’ve already counted those as editing words back in June. These July numbers are from a couple editing sessions of my latest short story based on the prompt: Mrs Morris was too busy to die.

New Fiction: Except for the short story mentioned above (which is about 4000 words), these numbers represent all the new stuff being added during Draft Three of my work-in-progress (the final two books of The Osteria Chronicles).

That’s it, just a quickie post for today. I’ll be back Saturday with some of the surprising places I find book bargains. See you then.

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5 thoughts on “My Writing Numbers for July

      1. I told someone just yesterday that I write hundreds, thousands of words every day – but they are only finally (after a big move) starting to be the fiction words I upended my whole world to be able to write. I was starting to get worried there. Your energy overwhelms – enjoy it.


      2. Believe me, until a person actually does it, they can’t understand how many words go into writing a book, how many times you end up reading those words, and how many of those words end up on the chopping block. My pre-writing notes/thoughts alone could fill up a nice-sized novella! Keep at it…after all, no words are truly wasted if they eventually end up helping you get the work done :))


      3. It’s part of the process of a damaged brain: I can’t keep that all in my mind – it has to be written down.

        And sometimes it’s fun to use them for a blog post or a comment somewhere. Somehow the brain will remember I’ve written something, and a little searching through the Scrivener files will find it. Nothing is wasted – there is just so MUCH of it.

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