My Writing Numbers for June

My writing word counts for June aren’t quite as impressive as they were for May, but still not too shabby considering I spent five days gaping at the vast wonders of Alaska (more on that soon…with Finn McSpool, of course).

june numbers

So what do the numbers represent?

Blog/Newsletter: This should be obvious, although I do get lazy about tracking those, so the numbers could indeed be higher.

Notes: These include the vast amount of notes I mentioned yesterday (see Finn helping me out with them HERE if you missed it) as I read over my second draft of my next two books, but also includes (since I don’t have a special category for them) the words needed to complete my latest article for Horticulture Magazine…an article I managed to write on the plane ride to Alaska. Points to me for efficiency!!

Editing: For June, this included working through the horrible, awful, hideous Draft One of my next two books to create the much less horrible Draft Two. It also includes prettying up that article for Horticulture.

New Fiction: Because I used my extra writing time on the article, I didn’t get to any short story writing in June. That means each one of those words were additions to the horrible, awful, hideous Draft One to turn it into Draft Two.

4 thoughts on “My Writing Numbers for June

    1. Sorry, the editor in me realised too late that the apostrophe was missing ‘month’s’. (BTW I knew a chap who had a cat called Strophe, short for Apostrophe. He, the chap, not the cat, was a wordsmith too.)


      1. I’ll let the mistake slide this time (especially since my editing mind is already being taxed). Aw, I was hoping the name was short for Cat-Astrophe :)))


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